It’s official! I’m going to Lesotho in October of this year. I am thrilled! I got my invitation Friday around noon and I am so happy!



Where is Lesotho? You may ask, I did. I had originally been nominated for a different country in Africa, Tanzinia, so Lesotho was not really on my radar. After receiving my invite one of the first things I did was Google where it was (and how to say it: Li-soo-too, I believe) So here it is, Lesotho-


It is a country completely landlocked by South Africa, but it is not a part of South Africa, it is it’s own independent country.

Some quick facts about the country I found on :

-Official languages 1) English 2) Sesotho

-Population 1.8 million

-Capital City (and largest city) is Maseru

-Total volunteers to date – 2,285

-Current volunteers – 80

I will be serving in the education sector teaching English. I will also work in whatever community I am placed in. I am sure adjusting to the new culture will be a full job in itself, but it is one that I cannot wait to tackle. I have a lot more to do before my leave date and I will try to update regularly.



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