Peace Corps Timeline

I wanted to post my timeline because other PCV’s timelines really helped me through all the waiting before being invited. The process is a long one and varies a lot but it is helpful to see all the different stages laid out.

October 13, 2013- I started the application process. This included personal information, 2 essay questions, reference’s contact info, experience, education, etc.

October 29, 2013- After working on the application at my own pace I submitted it. I immediately received an email from the office of medical services providing my log in for the medical portal. I filled out their questionnaire right away.

October 30, 2013- I went to a Peace Corps info session on campus and met my recruiter. She told me to except an email from her once she looked over my application. We set a tentative date for an interview for when she’d be back on campus.

November 1, 2013- I received an email from my recruiter asking for missed information on my application and reminding me to make sure my references come through. 

November 20, 2014- Interview day. The interview went well, lots of questions about my reasons behind why I wanted to go and to see it I was the right person for Peace Corps. I was worried about not having all of my references in yet, but she assured me I was a strong candidate and that wouldn’t hold up my process.

November 21, 2014- Call from my recruiter. We discussed different my different options for nomination. She gave me a few options and I decided on Tanzania departing July 2014 in the Education sector.

November 22, 2014- Received official nomination via email.

December 12, 2014- Mailed legal kit to D.C.

January 5, 2014- Email notification that legal kit had been received.

March 10, 2014- Email notification that I have been medically cleared.

March 24, 2014- Email notification that I have been legally cleared.

April 10, 2014- Email notification that my file had been forwarded to the placement office.

April 15, 2014- Email from placement office requesting more information. I filled out a questionnaire related to the education sector.

April 29, 2014- I emailed my placement officer.

May 1, 2014- I received an email back from PO saying she was still looking at my file and I should expect to hear something next week.

May 2, 2014- Surprise, surprise- I received my invitation!! Lesotho in October 2014!! I accepted my invitation and now the fun of mass paperwork and medical starts. That’s okay, I’m so excited!

My recruiter was wonderful through the process. She always responded quickly to my questions even if she had no updates for me. My invitation was different than my nomination but I am very pleased with how things turned out. I really wanted to do my service in Africa.



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