Welcome to Lesotho


On October 8th, after a year of waiting and many long hours of travel I finally arrived in Lesotho.
The paved road turned to a dirt one and  after what seemed like forever and also no time at all we were in our village.
The moment our van turned down the path we were greeted with cheers. A throng of people were there to greet us and welcome us. As we stepped out of the van the volume  grew and hands reached out to us. I moved through the crowd shaking hands and being touched all while they continued to call out and cheer.
After we had all emerged from the van a group of women started singing and led us over to a line of chairs. We sat as they finished their song and then it was our turn to clap for them. a group formed on the other side watching us watch them. We were the second group of voulenteers to arrive that day so others who had been here already hung back in the surrounding crowd to watch our welcome.
Several people spoke to us and the group at hand including  the chief of our village. He spoke in Sesotho so the greeting was translated for us. Then our host families were annoced. The first two voulenteers to get their host family were quickly decked out in a Basotho blanket and traditional hat. As the rest of us were called we stood up with our host families.
Then our families named us. I was given the name Boitumelo  (Boy-too-mello) which I believe means something about proud. It took me a few days to figure out how to say and spell my name.
After that we had a quick meeting and then we were sent home with our families.
It was a perfect welcome to the country and it made me happy to be in Lesotho.


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