The Homestead

During  training I live with a host family. I have my own room separate from the house with a private enterance. I have a twin bed, a small table and two chairs, a two burner stove, and plenty of buckets.



The big white stove doesn't work. It's mainly used for extra counter space.

My walls are bright orange. I think most rooms are a bright color because it helps spread the light of a few candles at night.

Right now my host family cooks for me but in a few weeks I will cook for myself.

I have a tin roof so my room can heat up easily but it hasn’t been too bad so far. It also magnifies rainstorms but I like hearing the rain and I have been able to sleep through storms at night. You can also hear the birds clacking across the roof which gets creepy.

I will live here til mid December and then I will move to my permanent site and live there for 2 years.



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  1. Looks cozy! 🙂

  2. WOW! Different quarters I might add!!
    Hope it’s all good! We are leaving for PV! Are your bags packed? Thought you were going!!
    We love you! Jean & Bob

  3. I’m fairly sure you’re setting up a new microbrewery. Katie and I will be right over..

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