The Homestead Part 2

There are a lot of animals at my host family’s house. It’s like a little farm.

We have 4 cows (khomo) and a calf
A bunch of little chickens (khoho)
A donkey (tonki)
2 little piggies (fariki)
A cat (katse)
And 2 dogs (ntja)

Here, for the most part, families keep their animals on small plots of land. Everyday a heard boy will take the animals and walk them all over the countryside so they can feed. So every day cows, sheep, goats, horses, and donkeys are roaming around near houses and schools and across roads.

We also have roosters. Luckly I choose to get up early anyway because with roosters there is little choice. My ‘M’e (host mom) came back from town on Tuesday with the little chicks. 150 in total. My sister said they are going to raise them and then sell them.

Dogs here are not seen as pets but work animals. I’ll write more on that later. Cats are allowed in the house because they kill mice and lizards.

I enjoy having all the animals around. They are entertaining. The donkey is my favorite. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a donkey bray but it is loud and intense. Luckly he doesn’t make noise in the middle of the night because it would wake everybody up.

I hope my next site has animals too because I am getting use to having them around.


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