My Family

My 'M'e off to church

I can’t imagine training being the same without my welcoming host family. On day one they gave me my Sesotho name, Boitumelo, and their surname, Lecheko. And just like that I was family. They taught me the Basotho way to do many things including washing clothes and cooking.
My family consists of my ‘M’e, (mom) bo-ausi (sisters) and abuti  (brother). My brother has just completed Form E, which is senior year of high school. I have a 14 year old sister just finishing Form A. I also have a 22 year old sister with a 2 month old baby girl.
I like having siblings that are slightly older. They help me a lot with my Sesotho. I do not need to help them with their English much as they all speak it very well.
My ‘M’e speaks little English but that is good as it forces me to practice my Sesotho. I feel so accomplished after talking to her even if all I managed was a simple sentence like, “Ke rata bohobe haholo.” (I like bread a lot.)
We bond the most over family games of Uno. They all have a competitive streak that I am very proud of.
I will only stay with this host family until December 18th, then I move to my permanent site. But I will stay with them again during mid-service training and my ‘M’e said she will come visit me if I’m up in the mountains. 
I could not have asked for a better family to welcome me to Lesotho.


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