From Thaba-Bosiu you can see the mountain the traditional Lesotho hat is fashioned after.

Our first field trip in training was to the historic mountain of Thaba-Bosiu, which translates to Night Mountain. It is said to be the mountain on which King Moshoeshoe founded Lesotho on.

Started from the bottom

It is not a super tall mountain but there are only a few spots to get up and it was a pretty steep climb over rocky terrain. Thus the basis of this mountain’s appeal to King Moshoeshoe- it was easy to defend.

On the top of the mountain there are remnants of the houses of King Moshoeshoe’s village. His grave and other graves of kings are up there as well.

King Moshoeshoe's grave

My favorite part was hearing the stories about what people use to believe about the mountain. It was believed that the mountain grew at night so enemies try to attack could never reach the top. Another story is that a witch doctor surrounded the mountain with an enchanted rope that caused anyone who tried to climb the mountain at night to fall asleep. Also the sand at the top of the mountain is thought to be magic. If you try to take it off the mountain it will dissappear.

Now we're here

It rained on us most of the time. But it was a beautiful place and completely worth a little rain.

Beautiful views

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