View from the rock pool

Our second training field trip was to the beautiful national park, Tsehlanyane. The weather was nice to us this time and it was a fantastic day.

Some people hiked up to see some waterfalls but when I heard there was a swimming hole I knew where I was going to spend my day.

PCT Lesotho Pool Party

Lesotho is a landlocked country so my beloved beach is far, far away. So any opportunity to spend the day by the water is one I’m going to take.

In the afternoon, Peace Corps staff put on a braai ( bbq ) for us. The food was fantastic and enjoyed by all. I
eat meat a lot here mostly because it’s hard to keep without refrigeration so I was thrilled for the braai.

I could continue on with how beautiful the park was but pictures are worth 1,000 words so here’s several grand:





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  1. Terri Smith (Jacques) December 12, 2014 — 6:56 pm

    Love seeing your photos, Catie! Have you started teaching yet? What are your thoughts about your new endeavour so far? This is an incredible opportunity. I hope it is everything you dreamed it to be, and more!

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