It’s Official, We’re Official!!

ED15 Volunteers
ED15 Volunteers

On Wednesday December 17, 2014 I was sworn in as a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV). We had a great swearing in ceremony. Many of us wore a seshoeshoe (suh-shway-shay) a traditional outfit in Lesotho. The girls had skirts or dresses and boys had shirts. My ‘m’e made my seshoeshoe for me and I love it!

Our ceremony was held in a soccer field in one of the villages we lived in. We arrived to find huge tents erected all over the field. We were early so we killed a few hours posing for pictures and showing off our outfits.

My colorful villagemates
My colorful villagemates

Our ceremony started late (yay Basotho time). But it did start and it went well. There were many speakers including village chiefs, ministry officials, peace corps staff, the US Ambassador, and a fellow volunteer. The trainee with the highest score on our Sesotho language test got to (had to) make a speech at the ceremony on behalf of the volunteers. And he rocked it! The bo’m’e and bontate of our villages also did traditional dances for us. We tried our best to return the favor by singing a few songs in Sesotho.

Bontate doing a traditional dance


Boithaopi (volunteers) dancing and singing with our Sesotho teachers
Boithaopi (volunteers) dancing and singing with our Sesotho teachers

We were sworn in by the US Ambassador to Lesotho,  Matthew Harrington . He had also been a Peace Corps volunteer.

Taking the oath
Taking the oath
First pic as a PCV with the Ambassador and the Minister of Education.
First pic as a PCV with the Ambassador and the Minister of Education (and Kennedy).

After the ceremony everyone feasted. Bo’m’e had been cooking for days to feed all the guests and community members there. It was a big event in the village and a great way to thank all the people in our villages for putting up with us for the past 10 weeks.

We ended the night celebrating at our favorite bar. Saying goodbye to each other, as we picked up and moved to our sites first thing the next morning.

I don’t start teaching until January 24, so I have five open weeks to integrate, integrate, integrate! With a short break for Christmas celebrating of course.


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  1. Catie,
    What a journey you are on!
    The celebration looks fantastic.
    Loved the dress as well. You looked awesome!
    Congratulations on being official – what an achievement and we are so proud of you.
    Am excited to hear about your teaching as you have worked hard and studied so hard to get there. You have so much to offer from the heart and will make a difference in so many lives.
    We love you and miss you.
    Be safe as you continue your mission.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.
    Love Jean & Bob

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