Ke tichere!

Class 7 classroom

This past Friday concluded my forth week of teaching. It feels good to be finally be doing what I came here to do.

I’m teaching English and life skills to grades 5,6, and 7. I teach about 24 hours a week. I’m lucky in that I have small class sizes. I have a class of 15, a class of 21, and a class of 32. I feel for the other volunteers who have classes anywhere from 40-70 students.

I’m teaching in a primary school so kids have the same teachers for all subjects. I just come in for 40 or 80 mins to teach my lesson and then go to the next class. The peace corps ideal is a co-teaching relationship with the class teachers and my teachers all work well with me. They stay in class and help out when students are having trouble understanding what I want. It took some adjusting to figure out where kids were at and what they needed from me as their teacher. Slowly I’m getting into the groove of things.

In theory all subjects besides Sesotho are supposed to be taught in English. And for the most part it does happen in the higher classes. When I teach it’s always in English, because I barely speak Sesotho. I just throw in the occasional ‘mamella’ to get them to quiet down.

School library set up in the back of class 7

The voulenteer at this site before me built 2 classrooms and set up this library. My secondary project has a lot to live up to.

Flock of children after track practice

On March 6th our school will compete in a track meet with 7 other schools in the area. So for the past few weeks the class 7 teacher has been leading running practice after school with the help of the other teachers. It makes me miss swim practice. Especially on the hot days standing in the sun, I’d rather be in a pool.

On your marks, get set

Last weekend I went to a lodge in Katse, Thaba Teska for a peace corps workshop. It was near the Katse damn and very beautiful.

Who's up for a swim?
Views from the lodge
The crew


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  1. Love all this information and the pictures Catie…thanks for letting us peak in on your journey!!! Hugs!!!

  2. Hi Catie! I’m proud of you and proud of me for being able to pull up your message and pictures! I have not mastered the internet and at my age probably never will. However, it is always good to hear from you and your Mom on how and what you are doing. Am Happy for you that you like what you are doing in regards to teaching. Not much news from here – my life doesn’t change a lot – except a week and a half ago my washing machine failed to stop at the rinse cycle and my apt was pretty well flooded – required immediate maintenance help and after 5 days of running fans continuously, the damage was taken care of. The good news is that Diane and the whole family are coming for a visit – Chris and Kelsey have never been here since I moved to the Phoenix area and I have not been to Texas for quite some time, so will be good to see them. Was nice that your folks and Jean and Bob came for a quick visit between Christmas and New YearsJ. Do hope you will continue to like it in Lesotho – sending lots of love, Grandma

  3. Hi Catie!
    So glad to see you update us on your journey!
    Been wondering how your teaching was going.
    Love the pictures as well.
    So how quickly are the kids in Lesotho learning English- imagine as learning any language it takes time.
    It has been busy around here of course with work and schedes.
    We have taken the fifth wheel out twice already to PC – nice to get away and both trips good weather! Last trip Valentines weekend was three day holiday as well! Guys went crabbing in Ryans boat, not many crab to be found but they did bring back three that we cooked and cracked and put on salad to go with Steak and sauted shrimp! Great valentines feast!!
    Had baby shower yesterday at Nikki’s for David and Jessie’s baby boy due middle of March.
    Keep the blog going – love your writings and sharing of this venture. We miss you and think of you often. Love Jean and Bob

  4. Debbie Whitman March 5, 2015 — 3:11 pm

    It looks amazing, Catie! Thank you for sharing the geography, history and the beautiful photos!

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