Catie the Idealist

#TIA, right?

Before moving to Lesotho I had some very broad stroke ideas of how my life would be in Peace Corps. So here I have listed and debunked some of my first thoughts about my magical PC life:

I won’t wear makeup

Makeup wont be a thing, I thought. People will be too busy living to trifle with such vanities as makeup.

Yea, no, people like to look nice. And makeup is a thing. I don’t wear makeup daily anymore but I still roll it out when I’m feeling fancy.

I won’t shave my legs

It’s Africa! Embrace naturalism!

Razors and shaving cream are easily available in Lesotho and I use them.

 They don’t click, idiot

I’m not living among the bushman, Sesotho doesn’t have clicks.

They do click, idiot. Sesotho has clicks and Basotho love when I attempt and miserably fail to pronounce them. The ‘Q’ in Quthing is a click. Maybe you can google it?

 What a great opportunity to give up soda!

I will just drink water all the time, it will be great!

I don’t know if you know this but Coke has taken over the world. My village shop sells about 20 items and soda is one of them.

 I’ll live off the grid

I’ll disconnect from my phone, ignore Facebook and become a mysterious enigma.

As I write this blog post on my phone-Data here is fairly inexpensive and my site has fantastic cell service. I am always talking to people back home or other volunteers in country.

 I’ll read all the classics

With so much free time I’ll finally look smart reading “War and Peace”. So classy.

I have read here, a lot. I read 98 books in 2015 alone. But reading tastes don’t magically change. And when you’re spending an entire day reading you usually reach for something that moves a little faster.

 The basic takeaway? You’re not going to transform into a completely differnt person overnight. You learn a lot once in country and things change but it might not be things you expect.

 There are not enough pictures in this post! So here’s a video on theme for you to enjoy:

PS- I did not challenge myself with a 100 books this year. Here’s my 2016 challenge found on the interwebs :




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  1. Thanks Katie. Excellent read. My same thoughts if I were you.
    Steve Lyons

  2. Hi Catie – Having read your last post, it is interesting to know about your mind-switch! The time you have been in Lesotho has undoubtedly changed you in a lot of ways, and changed our thoughts also, of your way of living there. I know that you keep in close touch with your parents and good that you have that easy communication. So, you probably know that your Mom is coming here for a visit with me the week-end of June 10th and I’m looking to forward to that, of course. My way of living doesn’t change much, so long as I stay well. I’m happy to still have my own place with Carol and Greg watching over me, especially since I do see signs of my aging, but life is good for this 92 year old Grandma! I think of you often, Catie, and the work you are doing. Lots of love to you OOOXXXS, Grandma Catherine

  3. Enjoy the Peace Corps.

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