Animal Encounters


These babies will never hurt a fly.

Dogs bite. Lesson one was week one in country. Walking home from training I took a different route than normal and when I passed by a gate 2 dogs came running out barking and snapping at me. I tried fending them off with a lunchbox filled plastic bag to no avail and I got nipped behind the knee. I was rewarded for my courage with lots of rabies shots over the next month. All of this could have been avoided if I had just gone to the bar that day.  Now whenever an unfamiliar dog starts barking I pick up the closet rock. Ke Mosotho.


I have a problem with cat infestations outside of my windows.

Managed to avoid for the most part. My ‘M’e has a little kitten that sneaks into my house when I’m not looking. And the current PC guesthouse in Maseru is overrun by them.

Mouse Rat

Not an awesome band name, but the furry, plague carrying, creatures of doom that crawl in from my roof, eat my food, poop everywhere, and keep me up all night playing their reindeer games. I hate killing them with poison because they tend to curl up in my slippers or under my wardrobe to die. But other volunteer’s clever homemade traps haven’t worked for me.


Did you know that if you are sleeping bats can bite you and you will never even know?!? Once I thought the above creature of doom scurrying around so I turned on my light to see a little ball of fur attached to my thatch roof. I caught in a cup and carried it out silently (maybe out loud) screaming the whole time. I was sure I had rabies round 2, but I’m still here.


They are totally planning a revolt.

Are huge animals with horns that get beat daily. Why more people aren’t afraid of them confuses me. They will revolt one day, mark my words.

Chicks and Cocks

Also terrifying. I saw a rooster charge my host brothers once. And have you seen Chicken Run? But they make a delicious meal especially on Christmas.


Giant (artistic) donkey photo

The best animal in the world. They are cute and fuzzy as babies and cute and strange looking as adults. And they noise they make, it comes from so deep inside them you know whatever they’re expressing is very important.


My closet neighbor is a pig. She eats all my food scraps and provides me with an unlimited amount of flies.


Not a lot of diversity. They are usually all white and not as adorable as the stateside goats I have come to obsess over.


Don’t look into their eyes!

Have you ever looked into a sheep’s eyes? Well don’t. Their square shaped pupils are terrifying. Also I have seen long tailed sheep and it made me uncomfortable in a way I’ll never get over.


Bar buddy

My first encounter was when a little guy was wondering around the bushes outside the bar. My second encounter was when an ntate at a taxi stop tried to sell me one.


Taking an evil bath

I have a confession, when I was younger I had a friend who had a goose and we used to torment that poor creature. Karma will literally try to bite you in the ass. Geese are mean. My host family in training lost their guard dog so they replaced her with two guard geese. No joke.


The ugly duckling in this story grew up ugly.

Are ugly little creatures here.


Not in Lesotho. But I saw a few in Botswana and they are Kubu’s namesake.


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  1. Thank you Catie. I think about your varied and challenging environment when I am sitting in stopped freeway traffic daily. Thank you for your very important work. Steve and Chris Lyons

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