Everything but the Kitchen Sink – Packing for Lesotho

This post is in honor of the new PCTs (trainees) arriving in September and in honor of newbies everywhere quietly, constantly scrolling the Internet to learn the secrets of Peace Corps before leaving the States. Or was that just me?

I’m not going to write out my entire packing list because that’s boring and because packed bags are like snowflakes, no two are alike.What I will do is tell you a few of my favorite things that I brought with me or had sent over.


Food, brought to you by knives.

Sharp, shiny, pretty knives. Because Lesotho’s motto seems to be ‘the duller the better’ when it comes to knives.

‘I Feel Pretty’ Clothing 

Vacation- a time a regular bathing and real clothes

The wardrobe I packed prepared me for a nuns weekend out camping. It’s fine most of the time but on vacation or just on days where you want to dress up its nice to have a few outfits in your arsenal.

Hard Drive 

Netflix and chill with me, myself, and I.

I brought an empty 2TB hard drive that other volunteers have helped me fill up. It is now my personal netflix, pandora, and kindle unlimited.


I have about 1,003 command hooks and they are all in use. A small house means limited storage so I hang all the things! Towels, bags, scarves, keys, pots, pans, utensils, hats, calendars, mirrors, pictures, the moon – all hung on my walls. These are something sent to me, but they’re so small and easy to pack, might as well throw a few in your bag.

Backpack, Backpack, Yeah

Modeling the ever useful backpack.

I am constantly using my mid-size osprey “backpacking” bag. I put it in quotes because I use it constantly, just never for backpacking. I use it for long vacations, PC workshops, overnight trips, groceries, everything.

Hobby Lobby

Bring what you like to do. I don’t know what I like to do but I was sent some coloring books and I found my new hobby is coloring while listening to podcasts. But if you knit, crochet, read, write, dance, play ukulele, cry in corners- bring something that makes you happy. Happiness is key.

Packing in a couple of bags to move across the world is not easy. There’s no right answer no matter how many packing lists you read. If you’re lucky you’ll have people back home to send you things you’re really missing. But you’re not wandering off into the wilderness, there will be shops if you forget necessities. Also your necessities may change once here. So bring yourself  and your carefully measured luggage  and the rest will work itself out.


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