I Don’t Have a Kitchen Sink

In my last post I shared some things I’m happy I brought with me to Lesotho. Today, I’ll share the things that I’m happy I bought after being here:


In training we were provided with bedding. At site I inherented lots of bedding so I didn’t bother buying any. During my second winter I bought a duvet and it is magical and 100% worth the money.  My only wish I bought it day 1. Also, Maseru had tons of super cute duvet covers. Exhibit A-

Solar Light 

Forgot to do laundry and the sun’s setting? Solar light it! Somethong rolled under the bed? Solar light it! Need a midnight snack? Solar light it! Sun doesnt rise until 7am? Solarlight it!

2ply Toilet Paper

Sometimes you gotta treat yourself.

Pots and Pans

Don’t bring it, buy it. Easily bought all over the country with the best selection in the capital.


There are many things available to make a house a home. And I love to get things that remind me of my travels. If there is something really meaningful to you bring it! But otherwise buy things here after you’ve seen your setup.

Traditional Dress

While in your country of service, go cray- cray and buy some traditional garb. In Lesotho, bo’m’e love it when I rock the seshoeshoe!


This will vary by country but in Lesotho, it’s not hard to find a little 4 legged sidekick to follow you around for 2 years. I bought this pupper for M50 (less than $5).

For somethings it is better to settle in and know you situation before you start swiping the card. Lesotho has a lot of things available, once here, so you can make you house a cozy little home for your two years.


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