3rd Year, Still Here

As you probably know by now, I’m still in Lesotho. Peace Corps service is usually around 27 months but you can extended your service if you wish. Extensions can vary from a few months to a few years depending on the circumstances. A LOT of people have asked me why I choose to extend so I wanted to take the time to lay out some very personal reasons I choose to stay in Lesotho for another year:

  • To finally meet Prince Harry
    Pinch me! I’m dream… wait who’s Prince Henry?
  • Endearmints at PC workshops 
  • To keep being that weird aunt in Africa to my nephew.
  • Buy a cow pillow 
    And Jen extend for a Kudu pillow!
  • To get finally get a t-shirt from our all volunteer conference 
  • Because I finally figured out how to do my VRF- quarterly report (how we volunteers prove our worth to Washington)
  • To get electricity in my house
    Let there be light and constant charging!
  • To keep living that farm life
    Howdy neighbors!
  • To keep living that puppy farm life
  • To run Hey PCV girl 
    (Insert shameless plug here) instagram.com/heypcvgirl
  • To continue my reign as package queen (jokes on me, I’m cutoff!)
  • To finish my project (but really thank god I was already extending)
    A girl, her toilets, and her dog. What more could I ask for?
  • To take more vacations
    More times like these! Look how happy I was!
  • Those views!
    As you can see the decision made it self. So here I am until December 2017. I promise I’ll come back after that. Maybe.


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    1. Thanks Carrie. We get a small vision of a part of our world we would never see. Thanks for volunteering again. Great sense of humor !
      Steve Lyons

    2. You go girl.

    3. Hello Catie – Good to get your post, even tho’ it’s taken a long time for me to reply – Lots bettter to see and talk to you in person, however! This gives me a chance to send you Happy Birthday greetings in advance. At my age it’s so easy to forget the dates I love you and really enjoyed your visit when you were in the States and came to Phoenix to visit…..Lots of best wishes, Grandma.

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