At The Drop of a Hat

I love the unknown, but I really love the known. I love change, but I really love my routines.  I think that translates into; I love knowing where I am and what I’m doing but every once in awhile I wish for a meteorite to hit earth or a zombie apocalypse to pop up just to shake things up a little. The socially acceptable way for this facet of my personality to take place is focus on what I’ll do next to help ease the mundane of my current routine. 

 In high school I spent hours pouring over college brochures and scrolling through their websites. In community college I spent hours googling possible universities to transfer to. In college I spent hours changing my major and figuring out what me next step was, when suddenly – Peace Corps. 

Both Peace Corps and extending in my service kind of came at me it the same way. I didn’t think about it until I thought about. 

 Some people grow up wanting to join Peace Corps, or at least spend a few years with the idea before applying. Things moved much faster for me. It was only in the end of my senior year, when a classmate mentioned Peace Corps in passing that I thought, “Maybe I’ll do Peace Corps?” Within the week I was applying.

 Some people think about extending their service for most of their service, or at least spend a better part of the second year thinking about it. Things moved much faster for me. It was only in my last 7 months, when a fellow PCV mentioned the possibility of me extending in passing that I thought, “Maybe I’ll extend?” Within the week I had sent in my request to extend. 

 Even though my decisions to apply were fast I still had plenty of ‘daydreaming what my life would be’ time. It was almost a year between when I pressed send on my PC application and when I stepped on the plane to Johannesburg. And it was 6 months from when I requested to extend to when my extension officially begun. 

I think my decision to extend was easy for me because it was like my decision to apply to Peace Corps. It answered a lot of my ‘what nows?’ and just felt right. Sure, for both occasions I pretended to think it over a lot, weigh the pros and cons, and seek advice. In reality though, the first time I thought about it, it just clicked. 

 So when people ask me now why I extended I just shrug my shoulders and say something that seems good. Just like when people asked me why I joined Peace Corps. In truth, I’m not 100% sure but it just fit. 

  So, now that I’m here in extension land, I spend hours planning my next project and hours wasting data looking at the same two fellowship programs over and over again. Looking at you NYC 😉


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