Latrine Project Timeline

As you may know by now, my school is building new latrines. Below are some updates on what’s happening:

February 2017

20th- Karen from the San Diego Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Association (SDPCA) came to visit Lepholisa. The SDPCA contributed their donation in honor of a past member, Gregg Pancoast. Karen came to see the progress and donate a plaque in memory of Gregg.

The latrines are so close to completion, just waiting for the roof!

A girl, her toilets, and her dog. What more could I ask for?

November 2016
25th- Building continues.

8th – We have holes!

September 2016

15th- Inner walls built back up with extra pillars for added support.

1st- A setback, the inner walls collapsed.

August 2016
24th- Building has commenced!


14th- Parents meeting with teachers about community contributions and next steps.

June 2016

17th- We are now officially hole-y!


April 2016

2nd-Just waiting for Hippo Bricks to repair their excavator and dig our pits!

March 2016

-After much negotiation, we purchased all needed supplies and they were delivered to our school.

January 2016

30th-We lost the roof and part of the structure of a 2 classroom building to a particularly vicious windstorm. Took a breath to see how we would deal with that.

23rd-School started again and Lentsoenyane started looking into where to buy our materials so we could extend our funds as far as possible.

November 2015

16th-Our project was funded. Thank you to all who contributed!

5th-Our grant went on line and many wonderful people contributed.

September 2015

-Lentsoenyane and I worked to complete the Peace Corps grant application and turn it in for approval.

August 2015

-Lentsoenyane held meetings with teachers, the school board, parents, and community members to discuss the community’s needs and project ideas. Latrines for our primary school came through as the most needed project.

Before the project we have one standing latrine for teachers. The students go in the aloe plants.

July 2015

-My counterpart, Lentsoenyane, and I attended PDM (Project Design and Management), a workshop put on by Peace Corps.

Lentsoenyane and I at PDM. He was certified, not me.

Interested in supporting another Lesotho project? I posted the link below. Thank you!


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